Cosmetic Dentistry
Empress® Restorations


Why should I choose Empress®/ Emax® all ceramic restorations?

Ivoclar-Vivadent Empress® has traditionally been the most cosmetic all ceramic restoration available. The original material is about 2 times as strong as enamel and the company has been refining the material in the last decade to improve the strength.

The latest material from Ivoclar is called Emax® and is 3 times stronger than Empress®.

When ultimate esthetics is required nothing cab match properly made Empress® / Emax® Crowns.

Here are some of the advantages associated with all ceramic restorations:

  • Biocompatible.
  • Do not affect other dentition.
  • Excellent polishing properties.
  • Many levels of translucency available.
  • Metal-free.
  • Natural-looking.
  • Shades match the other teeth.

We can shade match these crowns in our office for the best possible look.